Reyes Hayashi Automotive has been recognized by our customer over the years for our commitment to quality.  In 2020, RHA was one of 3 companies in all of North America to receive the prestigious Superior Quality Award. In 2021, RHA received the award once again.

 Back to Back!

Our Team understands the importance of building quality into the process at every step along the way but also ensures that no product leaves our facility without the greatest attention to detail.  As a result, RHA continues to strive to be successful in our goal of achieving Zero Defects.

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Diversity Logo

Diversity is at the core of our organization.  Since we are a certified Minority Business, we understand the importance of diversity and how it plays a role in lifting the spirit of our Team and a Community.   RHA looks to further embrace this spirit of diversity by looking to support other Minority Businesses.

Supplier Diversity Certificates of Achievement Awarded

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